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Professional Cable manufacturers and stocks a large variety of lengths of high-quality pro-grade HDMI® cables.  Professional Cable meets or exceeds the latest standards for HDMI Cables.  If you’re looking for a long 50, 65, or 75 feet HDMI cable, that is high-quality commercial grade, you’ve come to the right place!  We stock these long HDMI cables in our Orem, Utah warehouse. Professional Cable’s High-Speed HDMI® cables support HDMI® 1.4V High-Speed Ultra-High Definition Video for HDTVs.

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AV professionals know that when doing a pro-installation or when adding an HDMI® cable to a device, they do not need to go buy the expensive retail cables for the job in order to get optimal performance.  They partner with a well-known high-quality manufacturer like Professional Cable. Professional Cable provides high-quality cables that meet or exceed industry standards, at a competitive price with a lifetime warranty.

HDMI 2.0 does not require any new cables or connectors. All current High-Speed with Ethernet HDMI cables (Category 2 cables) are already capable of carrying the increased bandwidth and new features.

Any cables that you have purchased from Professional Cable are built to the current “High Speed HDMI with Ethernet” standard and will work great with HDMI 2.0 devices and TVs. Professional Cable’s HDMI cables will still continue to work, without any loss of picture or sound quality!

Visit Our Dealer Website or our Consumer Website to see all of our HDMI cables, extenders, and adapters.  Or if you need a custom cable you can request a quote.

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2RCAM-35M-06-SMOther AV Cables

Professional Cable manufactures and carries a large variety of AV cables.   The list below shows some of the different AV Cables we manufacture.  Visit either our dealer website or our consumer website to see all of our AV cables and products or request a quote for custom cables.

  • Component
  • Composite
  • DVI
  • FireWire
  • RCA
  • Stereo
  • SVGA
  • Toslink

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