Professional Cable, LLC, (Orem, UT) a leading manufacturer of computer, home theater, and fiber optic cables signs distribution agreement with The Douglas Stewart Company (Madison, WI).

Jason Bringhurst, President of Professional Cable stated, “The Douglas Stewart Company is the largest Education-Only distributor in the country. We needed a key partner for our college bookstore sales effort, and they were the perfect partner for us. They will play a key roll in our commitment to be the nation’s number one brand of computer and electronics cables in the college bookstore market.” The Douglas Stewart Company distributes a wide-variety of products to K-12 schools, school districts, and college bookstores. Their products include everything from calculators, to software, pens to iPod accessories.

Douglas Stewart to Distribute Professional Cable Products
Bringhurst commented on the cable industry stating, “Cables continue to be an important product at the College Bookstore. All students use computers now. You can’t get a 4-year degree without one. Most students own a notebook computer, as well as an iPod or MP3 player, a cell phone, a digital camera, a game system such as an X-Box, and possibly an HDTV at their apartment. All of these devices require cables, and the bookstore is where they can find them conveniently located by the University, and generally at a better price than any local stores.”

Professional Cable has focused on education sales in 2009 attending industry trade shows such as CCRA in Austin, Texas. The college bookstore market is still strong even in the current economy. Bringhurst said, “Universities in many aspects are recession-proof. When the economy is bad, people lose their jobs and go back to school in order to sharpen their skills find gainful employment. When the economy is good, people want to better their opportunity for advancements and other employment, so they go back to school to obtain a degree or an advanced degree. All of this is good for college bookstore sales. Apple continues to thrive through economic downturns and they have a loyal following at the universities. We don’t want to compete with Apple. We’re happy for their success. We just want everyone to be able to connect their latest Apple products to their devices, and our cables allow them to do that.”

Currently Professional Cable supplies computer & electronics cables & accessories to many college bookstores locally in Utah; BYU, University of Utah, UVU, and SLCC bookstores all carry the Professional Cable brand. Bringhurst said, “With distribution now available through the Douglas Stewart Company, we expect sales nation-wide to grow much quicker than they would have with a direct sales model.”

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