Professional Cable, LLC, a leading manufacturer of cables, adapters, switches and wire, launches a line of Mini HDMI to Regular HDMI Adapters.

Many new digital cameras and camcorders have a new connection on them that you may not have seen before.  It looks similar to a USB connection, but it is actually a Mini HDMI connection.  New HDTVs have regular HDMI connections.  In order to go from the regular HDMI connection on the HDTV to the Mini HDMI Connection on the camera, a converter or adapter is needed.  Now as an alternative to purchasing a cable that goes from HDMI to Mini HDMI, you can simply put an adapter on your HDMI cable to adapt it down to a Mini HDMI connector.  This is ideal for those who need longer HDMI cables, because those are not available in the market with Mini HDMI.  Simply plug in the Professional Cable Mini HDMI Male to Regular HDMI Female adapter on to the end of the existing HDMI cable and you can now connect to the digital camcorder.

HDMI is the default standard in digital video today.  Most HDTVs are using this technology to interface with DVD players, satellite receivers, video game consoles, etc.

Professional Cable is a leading connectivity solution provider and is now manufacturing and stocking Mini HDMI male (also called Type C HDMI)  to regular HDMI female adapters.  (Item # HDMIF-MINIM)

Professional Cable supplies many professional home theater installers and AV (audio/video) dealers with the high-quality cables necessary to connect their professional-grade high-definition equipment such as video projectors, HDTVs, DVDs, satellites, speakers, surround sound systems, and more.

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