Professional Cable, LLC, a leading manufacturer of cables and adapters announces its partnership with Corporate Alliance.

Corporate Alliance® is a membership-based organization that helps people create and manage successful business relationships. Whether you’re a business owner, corporate executive or other type of business leader, our relationship building products and services can dramatically improve your business success.

Professional Cable now a member of Corporate Alliance
Corporate Alliance has developed world-class training, software, and events that work together to significantly improve the quality and speed of the relationship building process. The results achieved by organizations that fully engage in the Corporate Alliance solution are often staggering. Members include Novell, Marriott, Omniture, Sam’s Club, Tahitian Noni, and Best Buy, just to name a few.

Jason Bringhurst commented on the new membership stating, “Joining Corporate Alliance helps build relations within the community with local businesses. While we are a global company, shipping all over the world, we want to know the other local business owners and partner with them whenever possible.”

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