Professional Cable, LLC, a leading manufacturer of cables and adapters debuts its new logo today.

“Our logo needed to be updated and we wanted it to incorporate an image of our core products, cables, into the logo. Most of our competitors have names that don’t even mention that they do cables. Unless you are familiar with the brand name, you’d never know that they sell cables. Our company is focused on cables. From the beginning of the company, we have strived to provide professional-grade cables coupled with great customer service and technical support. We understand that we have a product line that is complicated. We need to be well-trained in order to answer the myriad of connectivity questions that we get each day. All of this needed to be conveyed in the logo while making it a retail-package friendly logo. We didn’t want a goofy logo and we didn’t want it to be boring. I love what we came up with. One glance at the logo, and you know what we are about. We are cable experts. Sure, we have other products like surge protectors, express cards, adapters, etc. But at the core of our company, we’re all about cables.” Jason Bringhurst, President, Professional Cable, LLC.

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