Professional Cable, LLC, a leading manufacturer of cables and adapters announces that it is now an ICBA vendor partner.

Since 1927, The Independent College Bookstore Association (ICBA) has continued to be the only professional organization in the college store industry dedicated exclusively to institutional stores. The stores own and govern ICBA through an owner-elected Corporate Board of Directors.

ICBA is the organization that originated group buying in the college bookstore industry. Today they continue to deliver unsurpassed and innovative buying programs. There are a lot of “buying groups” in this industry. Independent College Bookstore Association is not one of them. ICBA is more than a buying group.

The Independent College Bookstore Association (ICBA) is a rapidly growing retail cooperative of independent and institutional college bookstores (no leased or private stores) that is one of the premier organizations in the bookstore industry. This nonprofit mutual benefit corporation is owned by its member stores and spans from Hawaii to Maine, from Texas to Minnesota, and throughout Canada.

Professional Cable believes that partnering with ICBA will help increase visibility in the college bookstore market and help to leverage already good relations between the stores nationwide.

Professional Cable offers low-cost retail-packaged cables that are ideal for college bookstores and other retail stores not wanting the fancy packaging that the expensive cables come in. Many buyers are concerned that clamshell packaging is bad for the environment and that Professional Cable’s retail poly bags are more environmentally friendly.

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